In order to have a pleasant and secure stay for all our guests some rules are needed. We hope you understand and follow these and wish you a nice stay at Granholmen


Please check in at the kiosk/reception, with name, address and personal ID. Payment is done at arrival. Groups to be registered by group leader. If there are any special arrangements or needs, please let us know at arrival.


Check out is at 14.00, and you are expected to leave the pitch as tidy and clean as it was at arrival.

Pricelist – see separate page.

During the stay

Please observe and follow all safety rules regarding fire, gas, electric connection and all other safety matters. Please follow guidance from staff.
All use of weapon and fireworks are strictly forbidden.
Activity that may disturb others, – please use the playground on the southern part of the island.
Driving must be kept to a minimum and only in walking speed. Dogs must be kept in a leasch and remainings must be removed. No dogs or other pets allowed in the café area.
Guests that not follow the rules, disturb order, or bother other guests will be asked to leave. If serious problem, the police will be contacted.


Granholmen camping are not responsible for the guest’s belongings. If any damage is made to the campsite buildings, equipment of other belongings to the campsite or other guests – there are special rules to cover this. Please respect others belongsings.


Maximum 1 car per pitch. Car to be parked according to instructions from staff.

Electrical Cable

The cable shall be in order and without damage. As a minimum:  3x25mm2, and maximum 25 meters. Guests is responsible for correct and approved cable for use in camper.

Fire prevention

All units shall have at minimum 6 kg fireextingquishers.and smokedetector in camper and tent. Minimum distance between all units is 4meter.
Propane hoses and equipment must be in good shape and well maintained.

Black- and Greywater

Black- and Greywater to be dumped at special facility
Rubbish/garbage to be dumped at dustbin/container.

Silence time:

Between 24.00-07.00 – music to be turned off at 24.00

The campsite is closed between 23.00 – 07.00