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The season at Granholmen camping in 2024 is from April 26 to September 1.

Granholmen Camping is located only 5 km. outside Sandefjord. If you drive from Sandefjord and south on the 303 road, you will find us on a beautiful island in the Sandefjordsfjord. The island is connected to mainland with a road. The campsite itself is idyllic with beach, trees, flowers, a nice café and playground. It is also well organized for wheelchair, both on land, in the café and also in special made dock for handicapped.

In the old days Granholmen had a big hotel with lots of activity and prominent guests. Unfortunately, the hotel was destroyed in a fire 1950. Today Granholmen is a popular camping and beachsite during the summer season, and in the winter, it serves as a natural park for the locals.

Granholmen camping is open from April 28 to September 3 – 2023.

Address: Granholmveien 75, 3230 Sandefjord

GPS: 59.088971, 10.220187 / N 59° 5′ 20.349” E 10° 13′ 12.659”

Colorline/Fjordline Sandefjord – Strømstad, 5 km.
Torp Airport (TRF) – 15 km.
Colorline Larvik – Hirtshals, 14 km.
Oslo, 127 km.

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